About Us

40 years in the motorcycle industry

About Us

We are an Engineering and Prototyping Company with extensive experience in the design of internal combustion engines with a particular focus on engines for light vehicles. We work closely with our Customers' Research and Development departments. Our resources have a strong experience in the sector and we have specific agreements with the best Italian universities to hire young engineers passionate about engines.

Our mission

OMI is an engineering company specialized in the development of high performance engines with original and innovative solutions. We develop for the motorcycle industry and for the light and utility vehicle industry. We produce functional prototypes from all our designs and test feasibility and performance on in-house test benches. To shorten development time, we normally use new technologies such as 3D printing. We have a reliable network of suppliers for the production of aluminum prototype parts and for high-precision finishing machining.

We create our own developments "from a blank sheet of paper" and cover all further development steps up to series production. Since 2020 we have also focused our forces in the direction of environmental sustainability, designing multi-fuel internal combustion systems coupled with electricity generators. We partner with our customers to create products that differentiate them from the competition and to convert skills in the field of internal combustion engines into the future of electrification.

Our philosophy

"Original Mechanical Innovation" is the approach that distinguishes us. Combined with a real passion for internal combustion engines that still have so much to express and develop. We are able to deal with traditional projects for utility engines and projects with a high rate of innovation for high performance engines, including engines for sports applications.

We manage with competence, attention to costs and mass production requirements the complete new products’ development process from design to prototyping and to final testing. Since a couple of years we have embraced the future of electrified mobility by developing experimental hybrid solutions in the belief that this will be one of the solutions that the market will adopt.

Our Headquarters

We are located on the outskirts of Milan, conveniently located for the city and the international airport.

In our headquarters you will find our design offices in close contact with a workshop area where we assemble and analyze the engines of our customers and with an area where there are two perfectly equipped engine test cells.

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