Engine design skills

40 years in the motorcycle industry

In house skills

Technical expertise and services for engines

Applications: stationary generator

  • Production of 2 and 4-stroke engines that comply with Euro/EPA/China/India emission and noise standards.
  • 2 and 4-stroke racing engines for road and off-road racing.
  • Upgrade of the performance and emissions of the engine of the Chinese motorcycle "NBS" 250 air-cooled.
  • Design and manufacture of racing and high performance components.
  • Advanced camshaft design and manufacturing techniques.
  • VVT / VVL / VVD solutions for distribution.
  • Variable length intake ducts and resonance chambers.
  • Specific solutions and components for emission control.
  • Application of supercharging for motorcycle engines.

Design tools and engine software

  • PTC Creo, Solid Edge, Inventor: 3D drawing and stress analysis package.
  • Lotus Engineering: Engine simulation software.
  • Politecnico di Milano: GasDyn engine simulation software.
  • Blair&Associates: complete package for engine modeling.
  • ANSYS FEA: Effort Assessment Package.
  • ANSYS CFD: package for the evaluation of internal fluid dynamics of the engine.
  • Andrews cams: Advanced design of cam lobes using poly-dyne equations.
  • Proprietary software package for dynamic analysis of the complete operation of the distribution.
  • Proprietary software package for "reverse engineering" of the distribution.
  • ETAS Magneti Marelli, Eldor and Walbro-TDD for ECU setting


Advanced services are available for all the activities most required for the research and development of an engine

Engine Testing.

AVL – Zoellner load cell with AVL Puma 5 control and data acquisition system.

  • Measurements of torque, power and fuel consumption using a Zoelner Alpha 160 eddy-current dynamometer for steady state.
  • Auxiliary signals to analog inputs for temperature and pressure measurements.
  • Lambda probe data acquisition and volumetric efficiency.
  • Tools for setting the intake and exhaust components.
  • Emerson Flue Gas Analysis System (CO, CO2, THC, NOx, O2).
  • Complete AVL INDICOM system for indicating the internal dynamic pressure of the engine.
  • Blow-by CGM meter.
  • Fuel flow meter AVL 733.
  • AVL smoke-meter.

Complete motorcycle test.

AVL-CGM dynamic dynamometer load cell with CGM 304/310 control and data acquisition system.

  • Measure torque, power and fuel consumption with a dynamic DC dynamometer.
  • Analog inputs for temperature and pressure measurements.
  • Lambda probe data acquisition and volumetric efficiency.
  • Complete simulation of road loads with measurement of road performance.
  • ECU calibration for drivability and fuel economy.

Flow test.

  • Tests with complete heads, intake and exhaust ducts.
  • Evaluation of the outflow coefficient.
  • Proprietary software for evaluation of flow quality and comparison of CFD results.
  • Flow test on intake/exhaust components.
  • Flow testing on the prototypes of the heads and development of the suction components in rapid prototyping.
  • Time-area correlation for measured flow rates for parameterization of motor simulation software.
  • Swirl and tumble tests.

ECU Mapping

  • Mapping of Magneti Marelli, Eldor, Haltech, ECUMASTER and Walbro-TDD control units with dedicated software from the manufacturers.
  • ECU setting and mapping according to performance specifications – Dynamometer engine test bench.
  • ECU setting and mapping according to the drivability of the vehicle and the level of emissions allowed – Complete dynamic dynamometer test bench for motorcycles.
  • ETAS INCA universal software package available for ECU and electronic fuel injection.
  • ECUMASTER universal system available for the internal development of the control unit via dynamometer.

Increased performance

Realization of prototypes and components to increase performance, in cooperation with selected OMI suppliers

  • Sand and die casting for aluminum and magnesium, model equipment.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Machining with 5-axis CNC machine for any material.
  • Assembly of prototypes, preparation of B.O.M and drafting of reports.

Manufacture of high-performance components:

  • Camshafts.
  • Forged pistons.
  • Titanium connecting rods.
  • Valves and timing system components (steel and titanium).
  • Valve springs.
  • Crankshafts.
  • Transmission, clutch and gearbox unit.
  • Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Power Generators
  • Wiring for track and production motorcycle control units.
  • Suction systems and throttle bodies.
  • Exhaust systems for high performance.

Research and development

  • Predictive analysis of the behavior of electric propulsion systems.
  • Design of transmission units for electric propulsion systems.
  • Integration of electric propulsion systems and modules into two-wheeler vehicle layouts.
  • Design of power and signal transmission wiring harnesses in accordance with the layout of the vehicle.
  • Design and development of generators to increase autonomy with clean technology of the 2-stroke direct injection.
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