Our history

40 years in the motorcycle industry

Engineering Team

OMI is an engineering team that since 1979 has been deeply engaged in a continuous activity of design, testing and development of engines, mainly aimed at the two-wheeler market

Our evolution

Until the end of 2010 Team OMI worked as the engine engineering division of CGM Electronics, a company among the first in Europe in the field of design and manufacture of OEM engine testing instruments for AVL-Graz. Since 2011 the Team has been working as a completely independent company with increased staff, design and testing tools, under the name of Eta Engine Technology. In 2018 it was integrated into the OMI Network.

The OMI team has collaborated in its history with some of the most famous Italian and European OEMs such as Agrati Garelli, AMF Harley Davidson, Cagiva Moto, Moto Laverda, Moto Guzzi, Yamaha Italia, Yamaha Europe Ltd, Kawasaki Europe, Peugeot, VOR motori, Mondial Moto, Suzuki Italia, Honda HM, Honda Montesa, Husaberg, MZ, Jawa, Sherco, Gas Gas, Marabese Design, Quadro Technologies, Mecaprom, SWM Motorcycles.

In recent years the collaborations have been extended to the Far East, we have developed engines for Qingqi, Zomax, AEON, RATO, Quianjiang, Jinglang, Mahindra, Faspider, JQP, LIFAN, Zhongnen. In the field of marine and industrial engines we can mention Alpina, Arona Motori, Volvo Penta, Mercury Marine, Onan, Yanmar, GM Marine, KHD Deutz, Carraro, Poclain, Case and others.

Main projects after 2000

Some brand names are covered by NDA agreements

  • Complete design of a desmodromic V8 sports car engine.

  • Complete design of 450cc air-cooled and 650cc liquid-cooled engine platform for the Indian market.

  • Complete design of 950cc high-performance twin-cylinder engine for historic Italian brand.

  • Complete design of Chinese twin-cylinder 750cc high-performance double overhead camshaft engine for sports motorcycles in view of the rebirth of a historic Italian brand.

  • Upgrade of the performance and emissions of the engine of the Chinese motorcycle "NRF" 450 water-cooled high performance.
  • Complete design of Chinese engine "VRF" 450-580 V-twin-cylinder water-cooled.
  • Complete design of the Italian ”GM Motori” “Over-Fifty” lightweight air-cooled off-road engine.
  • Complete design of Chinese 400-650cc double overhead camshaft high-performance twin-cylinder engine for super-scooter.

  • Upgrade of the performance and emissions of the engine of the Chinese motorcycle "NBS" 250 air-cooled.
  • Complete design of the 125/175cc engine for the new high-tech 4-wheel motor vehicle "QUADRO".
  • Complete design and development of the 320cc 4-valve water-cooled engine with medium/high performance for mass production.

  • Evolution of performance and compliance with emissions of a water-cooled 4-valve 250-300cc scooter engine.
  • Complete design and development in laboratory/road of a "Classic 400" model for the world market.
  • Application of the turbocharger and development of the engine "Millepercento Big Bore".

  • Complete design and development in laboratory/road of a motorcycle "Naked 200" for the world market
  • High performance design: 1350cc air-cooled Moto Guzzi 2-valve racing engine for Endurance races.
  • Complete design and development of a 300cc high-performance air-cooled engine for mass production.

  • Complete design and development of the 400cc high-performance air-cooled engine for a classic mass-production motorcycle.
  • Complete design and development of the 200/250cc hight performance DOHC water-cooled engine for mass production sporty scooters.

  • Complete design and development of the 250/300cc high-performance water-cooled engine for a mass-production sports scooter.
  • Complete development of the durability and mass production of the Piaggio 300cc scooter engine and 3-wheel motorcycle.
  • Complete design of a high-performance air-cooled 200cc engine for mass production
  • Complete design of the 650cc high performance twin-cylinder engine double overhead camshaft for super-scooter.

  • Complete design of the 350cc engine for the new high-tech 4-wheel motorcycles "QUADRO".

  • Complete design of the modular engine 250cc single-cylinder and 500cc twin-cylinder boxer for new high-tech 3 and 4-wheel motorcycles.
  • Upgrade of the AEON 313cc water-cooled engine (2 and 3 wheel vehicles) for reliability and compliance with Euro 4 regulations.

  • Performance developments and electronic fuel injection for the Qingqi GS 250 engine made in China.
  • Update of 125cc air- and water-cooled scooter engines to increase performance and comply with Euro 3 regulations.
  • Upgrade of the 250cc scooter engine to increase performance and comply with Euro 3 and 4 regulations.

  • Upgrade of the air-cooled 110cc CUB engine to 125cc displacement to increase performance.
  • Complete design of the 1840cc 3-cylinder engine for the exclusive and extremely performing Nembo 32 motorcycle.

  • Development of the performance of the Moto Guzzi 1100cc engine for a new family of motorcycles.

  • Performance design: High performance racing engine "Alberello" 1350cc water-cooled 2-valve with bevel gears, conversion for contemporary air-cooled Ducati V-twin engines.
  • Complete design of the 1400cc "Big Bore" engine for high-performance Moto Guzzi road bikes.

  • Complete design of the 800cc twin twin-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharged direct injection for professional ATV vehicles.
  • Complete design of the extremely light water-cooled 350cc 4-stroke engine for Trial Gas-Gas motorcycles (side valves).

  • Complete design of the V80°twin-cylinder engine 1300-1500 cc inhaled and with Lysholm compressor for a new family of cutting-edge motorcycles.

  • Application of electronic injection falling within the Euro 3 standard and development of the performance of the BMW F650 single-cylinder engine for the OMM "Vun" road motorcycle.
  • Development of Suzuki GSXR 1000 engine performance for Italian Championship and World Superbike (190 BHP/12000 rpm).
  • Complete design of the Gas-Gas engine 250cc 4-valve gear driven DOHC for motocross and enduro.

  • Development of Moto Guzzi two-cylinder V 1300-1400 cc water-cooled engine for high-performance use on the road and in the race (SuperTwin) use (165BHP/8500 rpm) – production of a high-performance engine based on this development.

  • Complete design of the 60° 650cc V-twin engine for the Supermotard World Championship (86BHP/10500 rpm).
  • Complete design of the VOR 250mk2 enduro/cross engine (42BHP/11500 rpm).

  • Engine performance development: VOR 450 EVO enduro/cross/motard (60BHP at 10000 rpm).

  • Complete design of the engine VOR 250mk1 enduro (36BHP/10500 rpm).

Racing experience

Some projects from the past

Supermotard Championship

Production for Yamaha Motor France Works Team of a series of XTZ 660 engines for Supermotard Championship.

Supermono Championship

Production forMZ GmbH Works of a series of 735 cc engines for Supermono Championship.

Supermono Championship

Production for Yamaha Europe Works Team of a series of XTZ 740 engines for Supermono Championship.

Road racing

Yamaha Italia – Works Team – Development SZR 740 road racing.

Conversion Kit

Development and production for Yamaha Italy of a complete family of high performance conversion kits for the FZ750/FZR750&1000/ XJ1100&1200/ XJ600/XT&TT600/XTZ&SZR66 engines.


Yamaha Europe - TDM 850 Paris-Dakar development.

Road racing

Yamaha Italia – Works Team - SRX 600 development for road racing.


Yamaha Italia – Works Team - development engine TT/XT 550-600-650 4-valve Paris-Dakar.

World cup

Yamaha TZ 250 World Championship (Tardozzi Team) - Performance development.

World cup

Hiro 80 cc World Championship: Complete engine design.

World cup

Garelli 50 cc World Championship: Design and complete development.

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