Engine development

40 years in the motorcycle industry

Engine development

For us there is not a challenge too big or too small: a new high-performance multi-cylinder engine or the revision of the air-cooled single-cylinder engine to improve performance or fuel economy. Every customer's wish is considered with the right level of effort.

We know perfectly well that for our customers investments in engines are the most critical, both from the financial side and from the point of view of time to market. Our deep and extensive experience in the motor industry worldwide is the surest success factor for our projects.


Starting from the technical requirements of the Customer, we define and agree on the basic elements of the design: architecture, layout, dimensions, performance and so on. Once the features are frozen, we start the 3D design of all engine components. Using simulation tools, from this stage we can define the expected performance, with particular attention to critical elements, such as the cam profile and the efficiency of the combustion chamber.

At the end of this phase and after the customer's approval, we finalize all 3D and 2D drawings. We often assist our customers in finding the appropriate suppliers, especially for critical elements (pistons, connecting rods, etc.).


When the 3D modeling and drawings are completed, the engine components are manufactured in prototype version and the standard parts are procured on the market.

OMI checks all incoming components and assembles the first limited series of prototype engines.


The first prototype engines are assembled by OMI technicians and, relying on in-house facilities, are dyno-tested in order to verify that the initial requirements are met. Subsequently, the engine tuning phase takes place, to meet all the performance over the overall rev range.

Thanks to the collaboration of external certified partners we can also perform durability testing. The last phase of the emission and calibration test is normally performed by our customers, with the external support of OMI.

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